Drive Website Traffic through Planned Link Building

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Drive Website Traffic through Planned Link Building

One of your primary expectations of your Link Building process is to drive humongous traffic to your website. But, it can be augmented only through disciplined activities and pruned procedures in a planned approach. Link Building is not just about generating random traffic to your website but taking conscious efforts to get quality traffic to your website. So, you have to split the Link Building activities into multiple functions so as to source traffic through multiple modes and platforms and thus aggregate the audience to your website.

Let us see the various ways and means here. Know the best seo packages sydney here. 

Traffic Generation through Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a major source of traffic generation for Link Building. In Content Marketing you can generate traffic through two modes: Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing refers to getting your content published in numerous platforms, getting the users to reach your content through Google, other search engines and other referral sites and making these users linkback to your website. Outbound Marketing refers to reaching your content to your Target Audience (TG) through paid modes and social media especially through content distribution, sharing and forwarding.

Through Content Marketing, you can achieve a lot of things to do to get traffic. You can promote your topics, keywords, links, clickable pictures and videos, and more by having them all included in your content. This can predominantly be promoted through your blog posts, social media posts, press releases, video & product descriptions, brand stories, corporate & business news, discussions, forums, reviews, comments and narratives. 

If you have a good knowledge about the various content publishing platforms, you will be able to generate a good amount of traffic to your website through careful distribution of your content through those platforms using the various tools and techniques, and achieve the desired level of traffic to your website. Get to know Best Link Building Packages from PerfectLinkbuilding

Traffic Generation through Online Buzz

You can create a terrific amount of traffic to your website by creating a buzz or publicity in social media or through news posts. Buzzing news can sensationalize your brand with a loud announcement of your special offers, great launches, customer benefits, corporate activities,  innovations, product additions, product benefits, acquisitions & mergers, business expansions, new brands, new stores, etc. You can also create a big splash or buzz about your brand or products through some spectacular events, great announcements, terrific media blitzkrieg,  rampant advertisements, pervasive news distribution, sensational social media posts, etc., and create massive attention for your brand or  branding event. When you publish a great story or news to tell about new launches, innovations, technology, money saver plans, product improvements or product use cases and benefits, they get viral across multiple news platforms and redistributed numerous times. Such a kind of paid and free promotion not only gets you regional or industry-wide visibility and clicks but also gets global outreach for your content posts which in turn can result in tremendous traffic to your website. 

Through Better Keywords

You have to find what the trending keywords for your business are at the current situation and you can use them as an opportunity to promote those keywords through keywords-enriched content posts, text ads, articles, video descriptions, blog post titles, product descriptions, website content, case studies, downloadable content, reviews and discussions, meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions and innumerable content types with the right  backlinks to the relevant pages. You can use guest blogging to promote your keywords and let your keywords be picked up by Google and other search engines to rank your web pages on top of the search results. This will give you a huge amount of inbound web traffic to achieve your web traffic goals. 

Through Quality Blogs & URL Submissions

Through a series of quality blog posts, you will be able to promote your URLs with market attractive titles, topics and subjects for those blog posts. You have to consciously use keyword phrases, questions and answers, solutions and suggestions for problems, and promote your blog content with the relevant URL backlinks. The continued promotion of such blog posts will get attracted by your target audience who are looking for solutions and useful content in your specific subject or niche. Moreover, if they really like your content, they will share it to their friends and social media and enable multiple reach of your content posts with your URL links on them, thereby helping you get voluminous and quality web traffic from the relevant target audience.

Through Events & Activities

Events and activities are a great way to generate traffic. You can use all your business events like meetings, symposiums, launches, job fairs, job recruitment drives, store openings, dignitary visits, new product additions, stockholders meetings, webinars, corporate functions, joint promotions and digital marketing activities, CSR events and all such events and use them for your Link Building and traffic generation activities. You have to plan and promote these events and activities through impeccable brand posts and editorials through which you should be able to generate insurmountable traffic to your website through clicks on your URL backlinks, brand mentions and clickable identities, video links and e-commerce web pages. 

Through Niche Targeting

Niche Targeting is reaching out your content to your Target Audience (TG) through careful selection of keywords and specific audiences for your branding and promotion activities, and letting them interact with your brand mentions and generating traffic to your web pages from these niche audiences. 


There are numerous ways and methods for generating traffic to your website through Link Building. You have to pick the best methods that will give you quality traffic from intended audience sets, pursue those methods and get traffic to your website. A Planned Link Building process involves a great amount of innovation and planning. If you follow the right steps rightly and effectively, you will be able to get web traffic through multiple sources that not only satisfy your strategic intent but also gives you a level of traffic that surpasses your expectations and goals.


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