Fond of DIY projects? Here Are Some Tips To Saw Your Own Natural-Edge Slabs

Daniel Clark Apr 05, 2020 0 35

Wood is not only appealing to look at but it also gives your home a warm feel. The rich contours of natural wood edges tempts us to use it in home development projects.  This summer, if you are in the mood to try a DIY project, then make sure that you purchase a cutting board in Brisbane and work your imagination out.  You can design  tables, benches, and indulge in various other projects of a sculptural quality. With the use of right quality timber slabs you can have fun in amalgamating art with furniture. Thankfully, no extra skills are required while working with timber. Anyone can build such stunning projects . All you need is only basic techniques and tools.

Another amazing thing about working with DIY timber projects is that there‚Äôs really no right or wrong way to do it.  You cannot expect two slabs will be exactly alike, because the whole purpose is to make each project unique.

What to look for?

You can buy quality timber from a reliable source or look for logs felled during spring and summer. These logs  give up their bark  easier once they are dry. These also havemore unusual coloring due to higher moisture content. But it is recommended to buy readily available wooden slabs to ensure quality of the can later give the surface finishing as per your wish. To create even more character and texture to your wooden slab  allow it to lie on the ground or in a stack.but this requires at least a year or two so if you are in a hurry you can skip this step.  Exposure to weather will increase the chances of getting spalted streaks and color variations.

Cut the logs

Raw wood  contains grit that dulls blades quickly So make sure you remove as much as possible. Once that is done you can fire up the mill. You need to start with a sharp blade and make sure to keep extras on hand. Begin by cutting slabs a minimum of 2" thick. This will  minimize warping. You can choose the thickness according to the project requirements.  If the slab warps or splits later you can remove the pith and make two slabs with single natural edges. These are great for shelves and mantels. You can even glue them together to form a wider slab with two natural edges.

Drying the slabs

Air-drying is ideal if you want to maintain the best color of your wood. If you are looking for a quicker alternative then kiln-drying is advisable as it tends to even out subtle differences in wood tones.After you cut the slabs dont leave them  stacked for more than a day or two without stickering. You should keep the thicker slabs at the bottom as they will dry slower. This way you will be able access the thinner, drier slabs without dismantling the whole stack.

Let the slab drive the design

With the slab in hand and after brainstorming some ideas,  you probably have a general idea of what you want to build.  Be it a large table, small table, long bench or short bench, the first thing you need to do is buy timber slabs for sale in Brisbane. You can design it the way you want. But make sure that the detailing complements the rest of the design of your house. Although wood is such a material that looks good with every type of interior design. Once you have achieved the desired shape and design, you can finish the surface according to the requirements.

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