Luxury Family Holiday Accommodation Wooli

Blue River Apartments Sep 09, 2020 0 21

Blue River Apartments are located on the northern coast of NSW in Wooli with focus on pet friendly waterfront holiday accommodation provides a relaxed unique beach holiday experience. We provides services like fishing, Kayaking, Cycling, Whale watching, Mud crabs, Boating etc.

There is always something happening in Wooli but not like the city.  Here it is nature that dictates the action.  Is it the whales passing on their annual migration, the snapper running in June, the full moon rising over the ocean, the tawny frogmouth owl sleeping in the riverbank tree or the green tree frog that hops out occasionally in the evening?  From the drive through the Pillar Valley, where we excitedly spot the first kangaroo, to the end of the Wooli peninsular, we always see or experience something new or different and marvel at how lucky we are to visit such a peaceful location.

We find Wooli is kids’ heaven.  Here our children have had their first, unaccompanied bike ride or fishing trip to the jetty.  We appreciate that here is a place that kids can be kids, and adults can sit back in a comfy chair and monitor the kid's activities.

Lounging and water sports, and any form of non-motorised transport take precedence in and around Wooli.  With both a beach and river steps away, cooling off in the water is very easy.  Our kids started off their beach experience swimming in the tidal lagoon at the river estuary.  After a few years they graduated to enjoying the gentler waters of the river, until gradually adventuring out further.  Now it’s all about the surf and learning to surf.  During summer school holidays the beach is patrolled and sometimes ours are the only children in the water, watched over by two dedicated lifeguards.  How amazing is that?

We have loads of family stories from our visits to Wooli which we cherish. Wooli soothes our souls each time we visit.  There is something magical about this small strip of land wedged between the ocean and river and we would love you to discover and share this magic.

Blue River Apartments provides best pet friendly serviced apartment in Wooli, Providing fabulous evening sun sets and water views from the expansive deck areas of most of our Waterfront apartments. Book your wooli serviced apartments & Enjoy your holidays with your family.

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