Wrightway Security offers hard-to-find Mobile CCTV services

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Wrightway Security provides a range of convenient Mobile CCTV options to suit your surveillance needs, and are one of the few Sydney security firms to do so.

Mobile CCTV camera trailers are an affordable alternative to traditional static security measures, such as patrols and fixed CCTV cameras. Their cost-effectiveness makes them a great way to surveil buildings, events, and other assets from any location. Being 100% solar powered, you don’t have to pay for electricity to the trailers. You also don’t have to pay wages for security guards, or for the installation of fixed security cameras.

These incredible Mobile CCTV systems are always transmitting live video, which can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile device. No matter what time of the day or night, these video recorders don’t miss a beat.

There’s no need to worry about having your own wireless internet connection close by either. These trailers can also transmit recordings by 4G networks, making them the perfect Mobile CCTV solutions for security in remote locations.

Self-sufficient and sustainable, these CCTV trailers don’t need human interaction or connection to mains power to operate. Each trailer comes with a back up power source in the form of an integrated generator. They can also be connected to mains power if needed. This makes them a convenient solution for even the most out of the way places that require surveillance.

The quality of the images is also a fantastic feature of these CCTV units, thanks to the high definition digital cameras inside.The cameras in these mobile trailers are also specialised ISA PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, allowing for clear 360 degree monitoring whether zoomed in or close up. See clearly day or night, unlike many regular security cameras.

When an event triggers the system, you can choose to have a PA transmit a verbal warning to deter intruders. You’ll also receive notifications in real-time via email or SMS, letting you know straight away what’s going on and where.

Wrightway Security provides powerful Mobile CCTV solutions

Wrightway Security is proud to be one of the few firms based in Sydney to offer TrailerCams, the ultimate in convenient mobile security. Our Mobile CCTV trailers are cost-effective, self-sufficient, and provide quality images that can be accessed securely from any location. Whether you’re hosting an event, monitoring traffic or illegal activity like graffiti, or just need general surveillance, our Mobile CCTV trailers are the affordable solution you need.

Get in touch today to see how TrailerCams can help keep your business safe

Talk to the team at Wrightway Security today to find out more about how you can incorporate Mobile CCTV into your business’s security plans. Whether nearby or at a far off site, you can rest assured knowing that your assets are protected by the best in set-and-forget security. You’ll also have our ongoing support, for a comprehensive security solution.

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