3 Innovative Limestone Tile Ideas To Inspire Your New Floor Or Wall Design

Daniel Clark Feb 21, 2021 0 19

Limestone tiles are one of the best options for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your home. These classy and modern tiles are natural and beautiful. It has muted tones and different styles, it creates a clean, comfortable, and elegant touch for any space. Unlike marble tiles, limestone tiles are smooth and can be polished to a high shine. It offers you a softer look as well. Additionally, it is much easier to work with limestone tiles than marble. Many limestone suppliers in Melbourne also offer you an array of colour choices in limestone tiles that will suit your space.

If you want to add a little warmth and beauty to your bathroom or wall, limestone tiles offer a lot of flexibility. In Melbourne, limestone slabs are widely used for commercial projects where the expanse of the area to be covered makes the cost of marble restrictive. Even though limestone tiles are a soft stone, it is still durable enough for high traffic areas.

Limestone is a very popular option for flooring. limestone flooring has numerous benefits, they are:

  • Durable
  • Visually Appealing
  • Cost-Effective
  • Versatile
  • Cleanly & Easy to Maintain

Here are the top three limestone tile ideas that show how easily they fit into any decor.

1) Neutral Toned Bathrooms

Generally, modern bathrooms are inclined towards clean, sleek, sharp, designs with neutral tones. Most luxury homes offer several amenities like radiant heating, which works well with limestone. When using radiant heating, limestone floors heat up far more quickly than marble, making it not only visually appealing but also a highly functional choice. Your usual beige or off-white bathrooms no longer have to be bland when you choose tiles in different shades or tones of beige with the same design. However, if you do like a simple and more effective look, you can get it in beige as well, without hindering the theme of the space. This simple look, which offers a beige limestone tile uniform variations of colour, is quite visually striking.

2) Colourful and Vibrant Rooms

If you wish to be more daring and opt for different shades for your room, then limestone tiles are perfect! Limestone tiles are not only available in shades of beige, yellow, or white, but also green, blue, and black.

Wondering how this can be possible?

It all depends on the type of impurity in the stone. Since limestone is made up of calcium carbonate, it is mostly available in white. However, when you add iron oxide, you can get warmer tones like red, yellow, and beige. When you add carbon, you can get gray, black, or blue limestone. Thus, with colourful limestone the possibilities are endless.

3) For Patterned Floors

Since limestone tiles are available in a wide range of different colours and textures, you can use them to create interesting patterns on your floors. One of the classic ones is the diamond pattern. It can be made even more stunning with the use of red tiles for the diamond shapes. However, there are numerous other ways to lay tiles in a pattern. Surf the internet and find a variety of different patterns you can also use to create interesting bathroom floors.

Get familiar with a few basic patterns and try to mix and match concepts for your home. You can also choose to have different finishes for different rooms. For instance, a hotel might want a limestone patterned floor that shines and illuminates maximum. While a luxury homeowner may prefer to have a softer look of porous tiles for their bathroom.

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