Commercial Pest Control: How To Know When To Have One?

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Commercial Pest Control: How To Know When To Have One?

Termites have been around for a very long time, in fact, there is proof of their existence as early as the cretaceous period. These insects are often referred to as 'white ants'. They look very similar to ants and like ants live in colonies.  Professional pest management services can efficiently remove termites from your house and also help homeowners take appropriate measures to prevent the infestation of pests. All the business owners can rely on commercial pest control service.

-         They are white in colour and choose their warm and wet places as their habitat.

-         They stay hidden to stay safe from common dangers since they do not have the means to protect themselves.

-         They are often found in downspouts, pipes, and other moist places.

-         They feed on wood; the way this becomes evident is that it will start to look papery.

This article explains the common signs of a termite infestation for both residences and commercial places. It is a must read for those searching for commercial pest control on Northern Beaches.

Common signs there is Termite infestation 

?       Inspecting the tree stumps and any wooden piles is the easy method of checking for infestation of termites.

?       Termites are often found on the walls as well; hence inspect the exterior of your house around the base of the wall, basement openings, vents, close to the ceiling, etc. to look for any infestation.

?       Tap your wall and check a hollow sound and signs of a papery texture.

?       The attic is a good place to inspect carefully for termites.

?       It is advisable to seek help from the residential pest control for periodic inspection (at least once every two years).

?       Blisters on wooden flooring are a sure indicator that there are termites beneath the surface.

?       In the case where the floor has been damaged or flooded due to water there is a high possibility of a termite infestation.

?       Termites tend to eat away through the wood hence if you notice small holes in the furniture, there is a good chance there are termites.

?       Inspect your house closely from termite droppings which look like small rice grains and can be either brown or black. It is necessary to inspect it carefully since it is easy to confuse it with bread crumbs or food debris.

Interesting termite facts

?       There are over 350 native and introduced species in Australia.

?       Over 40 of the termite species found in Australia are destructive.

?       The average population of a single colony can exceed one million.

Benefits of calling pest control service

-         Termites tend to live in massive colonies and eat 24 hours a day.

-         They can cause a lot of damage to your property, in fact, it is believed that every one out of five houses in Australia is infested with termites.

-         They cause a high level of damage every year and this is usually not covered by insurance.

-         The native species of termites in Australia are the most destructive and will create nests of various sizes.

It is not easy for an untrained eye to detect the presence of termites hence it pays to special trust pest control for a business for this purpose. Termite inspection is something all homeowners should do prior to construction or renovations. Organising termite inspections once every year is a good way to make sure you do not end up paying a high price later. Call the professionals to have your property checked regularly since prevention is better than cure when it comes to dealing with termites.



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