8 Trendy Pub Design Ideas to Attract More Customers

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8 Trendy Pub Design Ideas to Attract More Customers

The hospitality industry is struggling right now probably more than any other industry. However, while things return to normal, the competition between pubs, bars and restaurants will be fierce. So, to attract as many customers as possible, you need to stay on track with modern design trends. Here are just a few that need to find a place in your establishment. 

Safety first

Hospitality establishments need to do their best to provide users with a safe environment away from COVID-19. One way to do so is to expand their outdoor seating options. The biggest trend today is probably patio heaters that provide comfortable outdoor drinking and dining experience even in cold weather. Also, plexiglass barriers will be huge in 2021 and beyond since they provide a safe and easy way to social distance even in crowded environments. 

No more open-space concepts 

Once upon a time, an open kitchen and bar plan was all the rage. While customers are still not sick of this trend, restaurants need to balance open concepts with safety measures. Luckily, plexiglass and partition modifications still allow users to see how their food is prepared or how their drink is poured without putting staff at risk of contaminating the food. 

Warm palettes

Warm palettes continue to dominate design trends in pubs and bars, especially those hues that evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. Paired with neutrals, warm colors can make any space feel and look pleasant and inviting. Think deep reds, golden yellows and fire-licked oranges. If you ask the science, it states that these colors fill people’s hearts with excitement which can stimulate thirst and hunger and boost your profit. 

Retro design

Retro design will also always be popular, especially with pubs. Furniture and design reminiscent of the olden times make for a comforting and nostalgic vibe people have been in love with for years. When ordering pub furniture online, focus on chairs made of wood with an old-school metal base, wooden table tops with rounded corners, soft furnishing in calm colors, slightly worn-out leather and velvet and such. You can also hop on a very popular mix-and-match trend and combine flea-market furniture with custom-made pieces. This design allows you to create interiors with soul and story. 

Interesting ceiling design

People who are not working in interior design usually think ceiling decoration is not so important, but that’s not even close to the truth. One of the best ways to stand out and attract people is to come up with a statement piece that’s perfect for Instagram—make that your ceiling. Don’t hesitate to splurge on exclusive fixtures, custom-made metal, wood or plastic structures and even fabric compositions. A ceiling that’s a continuation of your establishment’s overall style will be an important part of your bar’s uniqueness. 


Like we said before, the competition today is fierce, so you need to stand out and cater to people’s sense of awe. Theme bars are a huge trend today, so make sure to determine your audience and design your coffee house, pub or bar around the theme. Just don’t go too niche, otherwise, you will get a loyal but fairly small clientele. 

Greenery overload

Eateries and bars will have more and more greenery inside with time. Since many studies show that plants make people feel relaxed, happy and upbeat, greenery can improve the perception of space and leave a great impression on your guests. Plus, biophilia and eco-design are present in every space today, especially those that cater to a young, eco-conscious and responsible audience, so rely on plants to create a unique, lively and eco-friendly atmosphere in your establishment. 

Handmade eating and drinking tools

Ever since Instagram became popular, people have been obsessed with posting their food and drinks for everyone to see. If you want to attract guests and provide them with a great social-media experience, focus on unique handmade utensils, glasses, plates, bowls and other eating and drinking tools. These will ensure that your customers can snap amazing photos and make your brand recognizable online with every post. Also, buying artisanal tools will show that you’re an integral part of the community which gives your space an authentic and people-driven edge over the competition. 

The pandemic indeed brought a lot of hardships for many pub, bar and restaurant owners, but it also sparked new creativity and innovation. These aforementioned trends paint a picture of the times that are in front of us, so keep your eyes open and you’ll always stay afloat.


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