How to Choose the Right Shower Screens for Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations

How to Choose the Right Shower Screens for Bathroom

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, consider installing shower screens. In the modern era, most people prefer installing shower screens owing to the various benefits offered by them such as a clean and hygienic bathroom. Moreover, they add elegance to your bathroom and are much better than curtains or other similar products.

While shopping for the shower screens, there are many aspects that you have to understand. Then comes the color, design, pattern and material of the shower screen . However, there are some aspects that one should know about before choosing the shower screen for bathroom. In this post, we will discuss the five major tips that help you choose the right shower screens for your bathroom.

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#1. Check Your Budget: The first thing that you must identify when purchasing shower screen is your budget. Most of the simple designs would easily fit in your budget. But the price varies with the size, design, and material of the screen.

Another point you will need to work on is choosing the best quality product within your budget. Considering the plethora of choices available in the market, finding the perfect one in your budget wouldn’t be a task. Also, you can search online and buy them off e-commerce website. Either it be online or from a shop, a predefined budget will help you stay focused and simply the task.

#2.  Check the Size of Your Bathroom

The second step is to check the size and design of your bathroom so you can evaluate the size of shower screens. Use measurement tape to find out the actual size you need.  If you have a smaller bathroom, then you can opt for frameless designs.  These screens look more appealing, can easily fit in a compact size bathroom and owing to transparency make it look bigger. There are various designs and colors available in the frameless option and you can easily find one suits your bathroom.

For large show spaces, you can consider going with semi-frameless screens. You can search the web for the various available designs and choose the best amongst them. But, all this can only be done once you have the measurements of the bathroom and shower space.

#3.  Select High-Quality Glass Material

Yet another important aspect you need to focus on is choosing high-quality glass. If you have picked low-quality due to budget constraint, it will require frequent repair and will turn out to be costlier in the long run.  This is why it is vital to choose the best shower screens to maintain safety standards and save on maintenance.

Most shower screens are made of toughened glass which meets quality standards. With quality shower screensyou can keep your bathroom clean and safe.

#4.  Ask the Experts: If you are unsure about your choices or unable to identify the best shower screen for your bathroom, it’s time you consult an expert. They can suggest you the most suitable type of glass for your bathroom and help you understand the whole process, right from purchase to installation.

#5. Choose Low-Maintenance Product: When you are purchasing shower screens, ensure you opt for glass that requires less-maintenance.  Frameless screens require less maintenance as compared to framed and semi-frameless ones. Also, clear glasses are easier to clean and maintain that tinted or frosted glasses.


Whenever you are looking to choose shower screens, then look up the given considerations for the best outcome. Always take into account the features, price, and advantages of the glass, so you won’t find any issues in the future.

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