How Will A Plumber Help In Case Of Water Main Bursts

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How Will A Plumber Help In Case Of Water Main Bursts

You will become stressed in an instant if you have water main bursts. Leaving it unattended will convert your place into a pool in no time. If you have little experience and have planned ahead of time, you may avoid panic mode and manage the problem with confidence. 

Before we get into the proper protocol for dealing with water main breaks, it's important to understand your priority: Calling a plumber should be your first line of defense if a water main has been severely damaged. 

Steps To Follow In Case Of A Water Main Burst 

Now that a professional plumbing expert is on the way, you can get started on your action plan for dealing with your ruptured water main emergency. Turning off the water to the house should be your first action. Hopefully, by that time, the plumber will arrive. A professional plumbing expert will now gauge through the problem: 

Locating The Main Water Shutoff Valve 

The first thing that a professional plumbing expert will do is to turn off the valve. Consider one of the following scenarios: 

  • You've had a busted water pipe and are now seeking the damaged shut-off valve while water is gushing all over the place. The plumbing expert will start looking for something in the basement, crawl spaces, and near the water heater and start to wonder if there is a critical water shutdown valve in the house? Maybe it's hidden underneath the metal cover by the driveway.
  • It is always good to locate the main water valve before the water main explodes. The critical piece of data could mean the difference between safely controlling burst water main before spinning out of control in agitation. 

Turn Off All Faucets 

  • The majority of water main breaks happen in the winter when the water inside the pipes freezes. So, the first thing that you need to do is to drain all faucets. Removing the surplus water from the plumbing system will relieve excessive pressure from the pipes if the water has a high chance of freezing 
  • The plumber will turn on the cold water taps to drain the extra water from the pipes, even the restrooms. 
  • Turn off the water heater and empty the hot taps. 
  • It is helpful to let warm air flow around frozen or cold pipes. To defrost a frozen pipe, raise the temperature, open cupboard doors that hold pipes, or use a hairdryer. 
  • Now it's time to clean up the mess and document the damage to the water main.  
  • For insurance purposes, you should keep track of all water damage to your home and goods. Your notes and pictures will also serve as a record. The plumber expert will keep a record of the same.
  • It's important to remember to log water main damage, just as it's important to know where your main water shut-off valve is ahead of time. 

Some Additional Steps That You Can Do To Avoid Frozen Pipes 

  • Frozen pipes are the most common cause of burst water mains. Because the expense of rebuilding major water lines is so expensive, you'll be motivated to keep your pipes from freezing. 
  • Allow warm air into pipes so that they do not freeze. 
  • Make sure the temperature doesn't drop below zero when you're not at home. 
  • To protect exposed pipes from the cold, use pipe sleeves or heat tape. 
  • By employing a qualified plumbing expert, you can check for pinhole leaks that might lead to frozen pipes. Pinhole leaks are difficult to locate and repair. Even the tiniest leaks can be easily located and repaired by any professional plumbing firm. 


Expert Plumbing companies with emergency services will respond rapidly and efficiently to a burst water main emergency. If there are any doubts, call your plumber to know the further course of action until he arrives.

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