Problems You Might Face With A Ford Engine


Problems You Might Face With A Ford Engine

If you have a Ford on your list, you are probably wondering how well the car functions. Investing in a car is indeed a big decision and one must do proper research before they bring their four wheels home. Every car will give you a certain or copious amount of trouble, depending on its make and model. You simply cannot escape a visit to your mechanic if you’ve been driving your car for a long time.

If you want to keep yourself ready for times when your engine just won’t respond to your prayers, you must read on. We are going to talk about how you can prevent or deal with engine problems in a Ford.

Here The Most Common Issues You Might Face With A Ford Engine:


Spark plugs usually work well between 100,000-120,000 miles of running your vehicle. Beyond that, you might need to visit a mechanic. If you have bought a new Ford model, you are good to go. However, ford vehicles with a 5.4 triton engine which were manufactured before the year 2004 are infamous for faulty spark plugs.

This particular problem was pretty common in the market. So much so that aftermarket auto parts manufacturers come up with kits to deal with this issue. Make sure to keep in mind that this can be one of the problems why your car won’t start.


If the problem lies in the ignition system, there are chances that you might find yourself stranded on a street with your car. Ford engines have a very common ignition system problem which has its roots in the peculiar ignition coil design.

The design is so that the coil is positioned on top of the plug causing the root to degenerate. Due to this, the spark engages in the inner well instead of the plug. If this is the case, starting your car will be quite a task for you.


Talking about Ford cars with a 5.4 triton engine, oil pan gasket leak is another common issue in these cars. However, there is less to worry about because this problem takes less of your money to be solved. And you can always keep a check to preclude the problem altogether. Look for the following signs to prevent the issue:

  • If the oil levels in your car are low
  • If the oils leak onto the exhaust and there is a burning smell in the car
  • Leaked oil wherever you park your car


The Ford Ecoboost engines face this issue quite often. When carbon builds up on the valves of the engine, your Ford Ecoboost engine might give you heavy trouble. In this case, the fuel injection system is the real culprit. If the fuel gets inefficiently burnt up, it can be harmful to the engine in the long run.

On acknowledging the problem in these engines, Ford revised its Ecoboost 2.7L and 3.5L engines in 2018. If your model dates back to 2017 or earlier, you might want to check your fuel injection system if your car is bothering you.


If you can hear a rattling sound, there are chances that the camshaft phaser has failed. Any issue with the camshaft will cause the driveability to reduce drastically and the moving elements of the engine may wear out faster than usual. To solve this problem you will have to call up the mechanic and get it fixed.


If the lung nuts have mysteriously swollen up, it will be nearly impossible to remove them. This happens in a design where the steel core is placed beneath an aluminium cap. On getting hot, the aluminium cap swells up. Another possibility is that the lug nuts can get corroded because of the trapped moisture.

Models which were manufactured post the 2010 models are more likely to face this issue. Such models are:
  • Focus 
  • Flex
  • Fusion
  • F-350
  • F-250
  • F-150


If the oil levels of your car drop low and you can see oil spots wherever you park your car, you might want to check the passenger side head gasket. The oil leak on the head gasket is a common problem in the Ford-150 model. This might also cause the oil to leak on the starter.

When the fuel pump fails, the electronics lay exposed and it doesn’t deliver gas as well. This happens when the fuel pump driver module is heavily corroded and damages the aluminium housing. This problem is more common in a 5.4L Ford Engine.

If the EGR sensor fails to function, your car will probably start indicating the problem. Difficult idling can also be an indication of EGR malfunction. 


If your Ford engine is giving you too much trouble, it is better to get it replaced. However, we know an engine replacement can cost you quite a lot. You can also contact your nearest auto recyclers and buy affordable ford car parts.

If your Ford is beyond repair, it only makes sense to get rid of it. You can get cash for cars from auto recyclers. Sell ford for cash online to avoid taking rounds to all the mechanics in town. If you do not plan on bidding goodbye to your car as yet, make sure you keep a check on all these problems and prevent them before the condition of your car worsens.
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